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The League of Trilby Tourians is constructed from the results from all National and Regional Amateur Championships from 2008. Players who appear on the League Table are either winners of, or have made the play off.

- Each winner of a National Final (The best of the best) will be awarded 50 TT Points. 

- Any players who featured in a National Final play off are awarded 10 TT Points. 

- Each winner of a Regional Tournament will be awarded 25 TT Points. 

- Any Players who featured in the Regional play off will be awarded 5 TT Points. 

A • is equal to one achievement. For example •• under the 'Regional Champ' field would indicate that the player had won the title of Regional Champ twice. 

Every week's new entry is shown in bright orange, any Trilby Tourians who have moved up the league since their last appearance are also displayed in orange. 

The 'League of Trilby Tourians' is updated soon after a new show has been aired on FreeSports, so keep checking back to see who is top of the table.


26/12/19 - LAST UPDATE




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