Rules & Format

Read the Oficial 2019 Trilby Tour Rules and Regulations and download the official Trilby Tour Handicap certificate. 


Click here to download the official 2019 Trilby Tour handicap certificate. Please print this document on club-headed paper.


Competition Rules and Format
• Stableford format, ¾ handicap allowance.
• Maximum 18 Handicap
• At the end of 18 holes the best 4 scores will play a 3 hole play off (winner takes all). Should there be a tie for the 4th qualifying place there will be a 1 shot nearest the pin splash out. There will also be a splash out for 10th qualifying place should there be a tie.
• It is your responsibility to make sure you are present and available to participate in any play off (if required), failure to do so will lead to you forfeiting your place in the play off.
• You are required to arrive at the club and be registered at least 1 hour before your allocated tee time, failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
• At registration you are required to provide a Trilby Tour handicap certificate (available through the link above) signed by your clubs secretary that is no older than 14 days. If you do not provide proof of your handicap you will not be able to play on the day. This rule will also be applicable at the Trilby Tour Grand Final where an up to date certificate will be required.
• You are required to be on the 1st tee and registered with the starter 20 minutes before your allocated tee time, failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
• Slow play will be penalised. 1st offence will be a warning, 2nd offence will lead to disqualification.
• You are required to wear/use all William Hunt clothing and Trilby Tour equipment provided. This includes your William Hunt golf shirt, William Hunt trousers, belt, hat, caddie outfit, caddie hat and Trilby Tour Golf bag. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
• Rain wear is permitted if needed, however, you will not feature on the programme whilst wearing it.
• It is your responsibility to supply your own caddy who must wear the caddie outfit and hat provided at all times. They must be able to carry the Trilby Tour golf bag unassisted; any form of transportation, including but not limited to golf buggies and trolleys are strictly not permitted for both players and caddies. You will not be able to play without a caddy. Trilby Tour has no responsibility to provide you with a caddie. It is not the clubs responsibility to provide you with a caddie, however, they may be able to assist you with finding one. You are advised to contact the hosting club well in advance of the tournament. Your caddy must be 16 years of age or older and must be able to carry the bag for the duration of your round unassisted. 
• Range finders, GPS measuring devices and other electronic aids are not to be used at any time during Trilby Tour events. Anyone found to be in breach of this will be disqualified instantly.
• The R&A rules of golf and golf etiquette are applicable at all William Hunt Trilby Tour events. Anyone found to be in breach of these will be penalised appropriately.
• All golf balls played with in the Trilby Tour must be white. Any other colour of ball is strictly prohibited.

The winner and 9 runners up will be invited to compete in the William Hunt Trilby Tour Grand Final at Hull Golf Club on 29th August 2019.

On the day of the tournament, in case of an emergency and you are unable to attend the event you must contact us as soon as possible, the following number will only be available on the day before the tournament and day of the tournament 07395 264014 – if you cannot reach us on this number we recommend you contact the hosting club and leave a message for the Trilby Tour team, leave your name tee time and a short message.


Trilby Tour clothing

With your entry you will receive:

1 x William Hunt Golf Shirt
1 x William Hunt Trousers
1 x William Hunt Belt

Once you have registered on the day of the event you will collect the following:

1 x William Hunt Trilby Hat
1 x Trilby Tour Caddy Suit
1 x Caddy Hat
1 x Trilby Tour Golf Bag


Reference to our Terms and Conditions
Your clothing will be supplied to you from the measurements submitted by yourself, if the size chosen by you is incorrect i.e. it does not fit then the company has no obligation to exchange garments. However if an exchange of items is offered, then an admin fee of £20 will be applicable. 

The company also reserves the right to give you an alternative outfit should the one chosen be unavailable. We will endeavour to give you the correct sizes from the information supplied by you, however in the unlikely event that your required size is not available; you will be given the nearest size.

By receiving your clothing you have acknowledged that you have also received a copy of the Trilby Tour Handicap Certificate template and instructions. This is the only Handicap the Trilby Tour Team will be accepting in the 2019 Trilby Tour regional events and the 2019 Grand Final.

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