2018 Champions


Simon Deakin

"I can't wait for next year to play 2019 as the Trilby Champion!"

Age: 42
Occupation: Greyhound Trainer
Handicap: 14
Home Club: Fulford Heath Golf Club
Score: 37
Golf hero: Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros


Simon, congratulations on becoming the 2018 Trilby Tour International Grand Final Champion, how does it feel?

Well, I don't really think that it has sunk in yet but I am overwhelmed and amazed with what I have achieved.

What first made you enter the Trilby Tour?

I had seen it on TV and thought, why not? It looked like fun and everyone seemed to be smiling and having a laugh, especially on rogues gallery.



You have played in many Regional Championships this year, did you decide this year was your year? How did you mentally prepare yourself before each event?

I have played in 3 Regional Championships this year, I try to play 2/3 every year. I didn't go into this year with any hope especially after last year's pathetic attempt. After the first 2 events this year I changed my clubs and had a few lessons which have paid off unbelievably.

Tell us about the day of the International Grand Final, how did you feel you played?

I was nervous on the first tee but got the drive away, throughout the day I was always there or there abouts with my scoring and felt I may have a chance to make the playoff with 4 holes to play.



Where is your trophy now?

The trophy is on my trophy cabinet with all of my greyhound trophies.


We can see from our Instagram page that you took fashion advice from our previous Champion, Ben Rozenbroek, did this help you on your way to victory?

Ben is a great friend of mine who played a practice round with me the day before the event. To play a practice round with the reigning Champion around his own course was a great help and as I always say, "Dress like a Champion, be a Champion!".


Have you played in many other Amateur Championships?

When I was a lot, lot younger I played in junior opens and some amateur events but not for over 20 years now.


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

I didn't really notice the cameras until I got to the 15th where I proceeded to duff a pitch into the green! In the playoff I tried my best to not think about them and just focus on every shot one at a time.

What does winning the 2018 Trilby Tour International Grand Final with your Dad on your bag mean to you?

We have been trying for the past 4/5 years to make this happen and there has been many conversations to and from Regional Championships around the country on where it went wrong and what could have been. It was so special to have him on the bag as he helped me with some shots that I hit and it's probably the 1st time that I have listened to him in 42 years and he was right!



Where is the trophy now?

It is pride of place in the house where everyone can see it when they come in.


What are your thoughts for next season, are you confident on defending your title?

I've been looking at the trophy every day since I won it and noticed that no one has ever defended it. Rocky came so close last year, that is where my motivation will be for next year.



What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

1000% this is my greatest sporting achievement, my 2 children have won gold medals in world championships, now their old Dad is catching them!


Any last words for William Hunt and the Trilby Tour Team?

A big thank you to William and all the Trilby Tour Team. You always make me feel comfortable at the events, always with a smile on your faces and a very professionally run event. I just can't wait to get back to it next year and play 2019 as your Champion. #trilbyfamily


Congratulations again, to our 2018 William Hunt Trilby Tour International Grand Final Champion, Simon Deakin!


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