2018 Champions


Jon Samuel

"The feeling was amazing when I knocked in the winning putt!"

Age: 41
Occupation: Commercial Manager
Handicap: 0
Home Club: Hull Golf Club
Score: 39
Golf hero: Seve Ballesteros


Congratulations on your Regional win Jon, how does it feel?

It feels fantastic, I hadn't given winning any though really, so when I knocked the putt in on the final playoff hole, the feeling was amazing.

Tell us about your experience on the day. How do you feel the nerves compared from the 1st to the 3-hole play off?

The 1st tee was a very nervy place both times on the day but certainly in the play off. The panic went through the roof, I hit a truly woeful tee shot! Between there and the last green was ok, but the 3-footer I had to win the Championship kept getting longer and longer the more I looked at it! Luckily I managed to knock it in... somehow!



Have you played in any other regional Trilby Championships?

I played in the Championship of Yorkshire a couple years ago and lost out in the chip off! I have also played in the Trilby Twos Championship twice, sadly not troubling the scorers on either occasion.

How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

It's a very surreal experience, but I just tried to put them out of my mind, otherwise I might not have been able to take the club back!



Where is your trophy now?

It is in the trophy cabinet at Hull Golf Club, I've been a member for 30 years and very proud to be so. I have had some amazing times here, from a young junior to today, and thought that was the best place for it to live.


Did you ever think, going into the day, that you would not only qualify for the International Grand Final but also be bringing home a Trilby Tour Regional Championship trophy?

I didn't give winning the day any thought at all. My only focus was on getting enough points to be in the top 10 to qualify for the Grand Final. With Hull being my home club I was desperate to just get through.


Tell us about your background?

A sport obsessed kid to a sport obsessed adult (acting like a kid!). I just love watching and playing any sport, I'm not great at all of them but I just love being involved. Sadly, I wasn't good enough to play sport for a living so now it's just between work and home life.


How did you find the clothing?

All good, great options in colours and styles and great fitting too.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

In golfing terms, as a very proud Yorkshireman, my appearances for the Yorkshire team were amazing for me. To play with that White Rose on my shirt and cap was very special.



Describe yourself in a sentence...

A competitive soul who will do anything for you.


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I'll definitely be back next year, they say defending is much harder than winning so it will be extremely difficult. However, if I can play well again, I'll have as good a chance as anyone.



What's your motto in life?

Wear your heart on your sleeve and be passionate about everything you do.


Who is your golf hero?

Seve! An absolute genius with a golf club, with such imagination and totally and utterly fearless on the course.


Any last words for William Hunt and the Trilby Tour Team?

Keey doing what you do best, putting on great golf tournaments.


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