2018 Champions


Simon Green

"I enjoyed the moment and achieved the unthinkable!"

Age: 41
Occupation: Insurance Surveyor
Handicap: 4
Home Club: Sudbrook Moor Golf Club
Score: 39
Golf hero: Tiger Woods


Congratulations on your Regional win Simon, how does it feel?

Very special feeling to be known as a regional championship winner on the Trilby Tour, I can't wait to see it on TV.

Tell us about your experience on the day. How do you feel the nerves compared from the 1st to the 3-hole play off?

I didn't feel nervous at all unlike my caddy who was very nervous on the first tee and even worse during the playoff. I felt calm throughout the day.



Have you played in any other regional Trilby Championships?

No, this is my very first Trilby Tour Championship.

How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

I didn't realise they were there until the back 9. My playing partners were brilliant for me and kept me very relaxed until the very end.



Where is your trophy now?

The trophy is taking pride of place in my little boys bedroom (Alfie) who was there supporting me throughout the day.


Did you ever think, going into the day, that you would not only qualify for the International Grand Final but also be bringing home a Trilby Tour Regional Championship trophy?

My aim was to try and qualify for the International Grand Final which would have been a big achievement for me in my first Trilby. But once the round was in progress I was feeling very confident and knew my practice rounds were going to help me. Once I got to the playoff I thought to enjoy the moment, which I did, and achieved the unthinkable.


Tell us about your background?

I have been married for 10 years and have 2 amazing boys with my wife who are both into golf although Henry is only 2! I work for myself which allows me time to get to the golf course in the summer months.


How did you find the clothing?

I thought the clothing was a great fit and of very good quality. I will be wearing this out on the golf course now as well.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Tom win the 2018 Trilby Tour Championship of Nottinghamshire and then a few days later to win the Club Championship at my local course.



Describe yourself in a sentence...

Hardworking, competitive, sociable character along with a family man.


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I will be practicing hard and getting to the regional course for a few practice rounds along with an early morning walk around on the day of the competition like this year.



What's your motto in life?

To try and win at all costs.


Who is your golf hero?

Tiger Woods


Any last words for William Hunt and the Trilby Tour Team?

The most amazing day I have ever had on the golf course and it would have been if I had won or not. Great organisation on the day so all of your hard work really does pay off.


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