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Paul Llewellyn

"Despite the ups and downs we have finally made it!"

Age: 44
Occupation: Functional Manager at Bentley Motors
Handicap: 6
Home Club: Breadsall Priory Golf Club
Score: 39    
Golf hero: Phil Mickleson


Congratulations on winning the 2016 Trilby Tour International Grand Final, how does it feel to have your hands on that trophy?

I feel very lucky to have finally won the big one. The support my family gave me, in particularly Angie (my partner), to get my mindset ready for the final was really important and I can't thank Dave enough too.

How much of your success do you put down to your fantastic caddy Dave?

Dave is a major part of the team and as he says; "the caddy provides the info and the player has to hit the shot."

paul llewellyn tee1 

When you first entered the Trilby Tour all those years ago, did you ever think you would it to be the most successful Trilby Tourian?

No, not at all. It wasn't my goal at the time either, I just got swept away with the Trilby Tour obsession.

paul llewellyn lineup


Tell us about the day of the final. How did you prepare to play so consistently throughout the day?

It was a combination of practicing lots, which helps having an understanding girlfriend who is supportive too, and having the mindset of a clear head. I did my best to take all the learning of the years and funneling it into the one day.


So many times this season we saw the top scorer after 18 holes drop off in the playoff, did you feel any extra pressure going into the playoff being the favourite to take the title?

I think I managed to get into the zone and stay there from early on in the day. I had to make sure that what happened the year before didn't happen again.


What does winning the 2016 Trilby Tour mean to you?

I am very proud to win the Trilby Tour, but let's face it, I'm a normal guy who works hard, has a great family and will still need to get up for work the following day.


Where is your trophy now?

At my parents house as they won't let it out of their sight! It will be going to Breadsall Priory for a couple of weeks too.


What are your thoughts for next season, are you confident on defending your titles? 

All I can do is do my best, there are lots of great golfers out there. But whilst I have the support from the people surrounding me I'll be winning anyway!

paul llewellyn tee2


Has this been your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement in life has been my children and a certain day on the 7th November 2015 when I met a very special person in my life. In golf it is my greatest achievement and I am very proud that despite the ups and downs we have finally made it!


What did it mean to have you family support and follow you around the course throughout the day and win it in from of not only them but the 3.5 million other viewers on Sky Sports?

My parents have followed me for years along with my children Leon and Eva. But I had a secret weapon this year in Angie, my partner, who took me to another level! I felt I could do anything with them all in my corner.

paul llewellyn putt


Any last words for William Hunt and the Trilby Tour Team?

Thank you William for improving my game and challenging me over the years, you have become a personal friend and I appreciate your kind words. But don't bet against me again in a playoff! Haha

paul llewellyn speech

paul llewellyn dad

paul llewellyn trophy



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