2016 Champions

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Brendan Delaney

"The more you play in the Trilby Tour the easier it becomes!"

Age: 60
Occupation: Managing Director - Jewellery Wholesale
Handicap: 17
Home Club: Dudsbury Golf Club
Score: 35       
Golf hero: Tom Watson


Congratulations on your Regional win Brendan, how does it feel?

It feels fantastic to be the Champion of Hampshire as this is the closest venue to my home club.

Tell us about your experience on the day. How do you feel the nerves compared from the 1st tee, then the nearest the pin shootout and then playing the 3-hole play off?

I had one of those days where I didn't feel nervous as I wasn't expecting to do any good on the day after a miserable 18 points in my first event this year at Tudor Park. However, I had reinforcements in the form of Matt Cort, where he had just come off playing in the PGA at wentworth and is currently leading the Order of Merit in the Europro Tour. So all I had to do was swing the club, he did everything else!

The nearest the pin shootout was hilarious as the poor lad had been waiting a while he hit his wedge so far, I would have been happy hitting my driver that far! With regards to everything else, there were no nerves surrounding that day, as being a veteran of the Trilby Tour. 

brendan delaney first tee 

How did you compose yourself through replaying the final playoff hole 6 times and what were you thinking after you hit the 4th replay out of bounds?

To be honest I thought I had lost it in the first 3-hole play off, but was kindly let off the hook. Then I ended up with my good friend Jamie, who I met on the Trilby Tour over 5 years ago. The last two standing was Jamie and I, along with our two caddies, Deano and Matt Cort, which is our Pro AM team, so it was very enjoyable and whoever won, all of us would have been happy.

Have you played in any other Trilby Tour Regional Championships?

I play in at least 4 a year, and it is 4 years ago since I got in a playoff and never managed to make the finals over the last few years. 


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

Bein a Trilby Tour veteran, the more you play the easier it becomes. 

brendan delaney chip


Where is your trophy now?

It is in pride of place on the mantelpiece! 


Did you ever think you would get this far?

No, after not doing very well in my last 20 odd events, I never thought I would actually win one! Or in my case, be given one by the kind opposition! 


Tell us about your background?

I started playing golf as a young boy but gave it up at 18. I had a 15 year gap, then started again for a short time. I then had another long gap and just over 5 years ago, I have been playing as often as I can.

How did you find the clothing?

The clothing is first class and I have trousers from 36 waist to 44 waist over my Trilby Tour career. My weight is up and down like a whores draws! Obviously the week I won I was at my optimum swing weight.


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement has been fathering by 4 boys. 

brendan delaney crowd


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Happy go lucky... (the girls in the office are typing this for me, laughing their heads off calling me a liar!)


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I will send the wife off with the children again as I did this year for a fortnight in a far away country and play some golf during that time.

brendan delaney putt


What's your motto in life?

God is good, the devil ain't so bad.


Who is your golf hero?

My golfing hero is Tom Watson, true gentleman.


Any last words for William Hunt and the Trilby Tour Team?

All I would like to say is a big thank you to all of them and to keep up the great work as we see the effort you put in week in and week out.

brendan delaney po tee

brendan delaney sun chip

brendan delaney handshake

brendan delaney trophy 

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