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Daniel Phillips

"Awesome day, like nothing else I have ever done.. I loved every minute of it!"

Age: 32
Occupation: Business Development Manager
Handicap: 6
Home Club: Marriott Tudor Park
Score: 36       
Golf hero: Tiger Woods 


Congratulations on your Regional win Dan, how does it feel?

Pretty good now the hangover has cleared. 


What was going through your head before you played that incredible winning putt with all of the crowd behind you know that if you sunk it you would be crowned Champion?

I really really wanted to hole it. My Dad (caddy) said to me, just make 2 putts and you should win, but I said "it would be nice to make a 3 though wouldn't it!" I had been working on my putting quite a bit over the last couple of weeks and had holed some good putts earlier in the round, so I felt pretty confident of making it.  


Tell us about your experience on the day. How do you feel the nerves compared from the 1st tee, to competing in the nearest the pin and then playing the 3-hole play off?

Awesome day, like nothing else I have done. The knees were knocking a little on the 1st tee, but nothing compared to the shootout. I really didn't enjoy that! I felt pretty confident going into the play off and loved every minute of it. 

TP teeoff


Why do you think a Tudor Park member has won the Championship of Kent the last 3 years?

Course knowledge obviously helps, but I think the main factor is we have got some really solid players. We are quite tight as a club and we have had a bit of success over the last 5 years or so, winning leagues, cups and performing well in other competitions, so I think it is the individuals at the club rather than knowing the course that is the main factor. 


Have you played in any other Trilby Tour Regional Championships?

No, this was my first one. 


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

To be honest, I quite enjoy the spotlight. I'm pretty outgoing so saw it as an opportunity to show off and get on telly. I just had to remind myself that the cameras and people don't actually influence where the ball goes, that's down to me. 

TP chip


Where is your trophy now?

It has been cleaned (I can confirm that it holds 5 pints of lager perfectly) and is now on my dining room table. 


Did you ever think you would get this far?

I came through a qualifying round which was really tough, so at the start then; no I didn't. But having qualified I knew that I could get in the top 10 as the format suited my handicap. Whether I came in the top 4 was another matter and that was down to whatever happened on the day and what other people did. I was just going out there to shoot a good score and see where it got me. 


Tell us about your background?

My Dad got me into playing golf really young. I joined my first proper club (The Ridge) at about 10 years old. We had an exceptional junior section there and would spend every day of the summer holidays at the golf club. I stopped playing golf at about 21 for a few years and then joined Tudor Park about 7 years ago. I have stopped and started over the last 5 years with a few knee operations and the birth of my daughter, plus the fact that I don't play Winter golf. But from April to September if I am not at home or at work then I am pretty much guaranteed to be up the golf club. 


How did you find the clothing?

The fit of them is great, especially after I took the trousers up by 6 inches to fit my little legs. 


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

In life - my daughter Isabella, but otherwise it was running the London Marathon in 2006, but I think this has just trumped that. In golfing terms, I won the Club Championship at The Ridge as a junior which was pretty cool, and we had a season at the Tudor Park where our League and Cup Team went unbeaten and we cleaned up in both competitions. My partner and I winning 21 consecutive matches. 

TP chipshot


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Short little fat guy who is up for a laugh! 


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

Just to do exactly the same as I did this year. Focus on posting a good score and whatever happens on the day happens.

TP celebration


What's your motto in life?

If you don't like something change it. And if you cant change it, change your attitude towards it. 


Who is your golf hero?

Tiger Woods. The guy was unreal and took the game to a whole new level.


Any last words for William Hunt?

Thanks for a great day and look forward to seeing you at the final and at next year’s event!

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