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champion seb carmichael brown foa

Seb Carmichael-Brown

"Work hard for what you want, but make sure you have a good time!"

Age: 30
Occupation: Company Director
Handicap: 5
Home Club: The Shire and The Centurion Club
Score: 37       
Golf hero: Zach Johnson 


Congratulations on your Trilby Tour Championship win, you have made history as the first two-time Trilby Tour Championship Winner, How do you feel?  

I feel very, very, very happy. You can hope and dream that this could have happened, but for it to actually pan out, it will take a while to sink in.


You’ve done it before but we’ll ask you again! What was it like playing Golf on Sky Sports and becoming the star of your own TV show... twice?

It has been one of the best experiences of my life. As someone who loves golf and loves competing, there is no better stage for an amateur golfer than getting into the 3 hole playoff of the Trilby Tour Grand Final, and to be able to play some of my best golf at exactly the right time, it’s very satisfying.


What first made you enter the Trilby Tour?

A friend of mine Matt Collings entered a few years back and one day playing golf he told me about it, as someone who loves to compete, it was a no brainer. I entered that night as soon as I got home!


What made you choose your regional event venue? 

Hanbury Manor was where I qualified from the first year I won in 2013, and as my most local course on Tour, it was an easy decision. 


Tell us about the day of the final. How did you feel you played?

I think I played well; being paired with Rocky [Paul Llewellyn] was great for me. Knowing how well he played there when it was used as a regional in 2014, I knew he would be there or there about, so having someone like that in my group, I knew if I could keep up with him I would always be in with a shot of making the playoff.

Then I think it all clicked in for me when I just missed out on a hole in one on the 8th hole, by what seemed like a matter of inches. That seemed to give me a boost which I was able to keep feeding off for the rest of the round.

seb cb tee


Have you played in many other Amateur Championships?

I have played in a few, I play in some of the county events in Hertfordshire and also was lucky enough to qualify through all the national qualifying rounds of the Audi Quattro Cup last year to reach the world final representing UK in Dubai which was a phenomenal experience, however nothing compares with the pressure cooker environment of the TT, the cameras and knowing every shot is going to be broadcast to the country on Sky Sports.


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

I seem to thrive under the cameras, I don’t know what it is, but it gives me another level of competitive edge I think. My brother who was supporting me on the day calculated that in the 3 playoffs I have been in over last few years in the TT, The Final at Rockliffe Hall in 2013, Regional at Hanbury Manor this year and this year’s final, I have shot Par, Par Par, Birdie, Birdie Par, Par, Par Birdie. That’s –3 gross for those 9 holes under the most intense scrutiny, so god knows how but I seem to love the cameras! Can they come to my monthly medals as well please?!

seb cb chip crowd


What does winning the 2015 Trilby Tour mean to you?

So pleasing that so many of my friends and family could be with me this week, it is extra sweet being able to share the experience with them all.


What does winning the 2013 and 2015 Trilby Tour mean to you?

Being able to do something for the first time, something that has never been done before in winning the final twice, and now to be right up there with some of the big names in Trilby Tour history is something I am extremely proud of.


Where is your trophy now?

It sits on the window in front my office desk just to the right of my screen and next to my Regional Trophy from Hanbury Manor.


What are your thoughts for next season, are yon confident on defending your titles?

I am going to have a go! Why not go for the hat trick right? 


Tell us about your background?

I live in Hertfordshire, with my Fiancé Gina and our dog ’Tiger Woofs’, it’s a silent ‘woofs’ though :-). Along with my father we run a Renewable Energy business, mainly carrying out large scale Solar Panel installations for commercial buildings. I play my golf at The Shire London and also Centurion Club where I recently joined this year as it is very close to my home with phenomenal practise facilities.


How did you find the clothing?

I always enjoy getting the new outfit each year I play in the TT. I have all of my tops and trousers from each previous year still and get plenty of wear out of them.


How was your experience of visiting Savile Row to have your Savile Row suit fitted?

Fantastic, the staff members there make you feel so special and welcome. It’s in such a historic location and from start the finish the experience is first class. Some big names from sporting history have been through the same process, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, so it was great for me to be in there shoes for the day.


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

With regards to sport, this has to be it!

seb cb crowd


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Always a hard one to answer this, as it’s impossible to not sound arrogant no matter what you say. So I will leave it for others to decide what they think of me, hopefully that I am a nice lad who doesn’t take himself too seriously… most of the time!

seb cb putt lineup


What's your motto in life?

Never give up.


Who is your golf hero?

A hybrid Frankenstein golfer called Tiger Zachary Spieth (Tigers mind set and mentality from his prime, Zach’s shorts game, and Jordan’s putter!)


Any last words for William Hunt?

Thanks for another fantastic years golf Will! See you soon for the hat-trick?


Again Seb, Congratulations!

seb cb putt placement

seb cb fist bump

seb cb trophy

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