2015 Champions

champion paul mcmillan

Paul McMillan

"Many thanks to William and his team for making me and many others feel like a professional golfer for the day." 

Age: 39
Occupation: Firefighter
Handicap: 10
Home Club: Stonebridge Golf Club
Score: 34       
Golf hero: Seve Ballesteros & Miguel Ángel Jiménez 


Congratulations on your Regional win Paul!

Thanks. It’s the first tournament I've ever won, so not a bad start!


What made you choose your venue? 

I was looking for the Forest of Arden because I live ten minutes away from the course! When I realised it was the grand final venue, I chose the next nearest, which was Breadsall Priory. 


Tell us about your experience on the day. How did you feel you played?

I was in the 4th group out. I thought this time would suit me, so wouldn’t have time to get too nervous! However, the first tee shot was still the most nervous I've ever felt on a golf course! From what I can remember, I dropped the ball at least once trying to tee it up! 

Luckily I hit a great tee shot on the first, but then put my adrenaline filled wedge shot right over the back of the green. Chipping on and saving par really settled me down. I didn't score on a couple of holes, but apart from that was very consistent, and two birdies really helped my score. 

I felt I played really well, kept the ball in play and I didn't lose a ball, which is unusual for me. I have my caddie, Wesley Jackson, to thank for that. He talked me out of taking on some really risky shots! Cheers Wes! 

My putting was the best part of my game, especially as the Breadsall greens were very tricky, lightning fast and undulating. The playoff took my nerves to a different level. Every shot being filmed, even on the 2nd playoff hole when I'd pulled my drive and the cameraman was in the trees with me!! My putt to win was about 6 inches but felt a lot longer and I think it only just crept into the left hand side of the cup!

tee time playoff


Have you played in many other regional Trilby Championships?

This was my first Trilby Tour. My wife Ciara convinced me to enter. I had been watching it on Sky Sports since it started up. For once I'm glad I listened to her!


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

I think the cameras helped focus me more, I didn't want to end up on the Christmas edition of Rogues Gallery!

paul mcmillan tee time


Where is your trophy now?

It's on the middle of the table in my living room, with the ball I didn't lose all day sat safely inside it!


Did you ever think you would get this far?

I honestly didn't think I would get anywhere near winning it. I thought it would be amazing if I could scrape in to the top ten and play in the grand final.

The journey home was a mixture of elation and disbelief! Last year I was a Trilby Tour addict from my sofa, I didn't ever think I'd be watching myself win it on TV!


Tell us about your background?

I've been an Aviation Firefighter for 11 years and work at Heathrow Airport. Every day is different in my job and we deal with situations including aircraft problems, road traffic accidents and medical emergencies, so you might think I'm used to pressure, but nothing compares to your hands shaking on the Trilby Tour!

I'm married to Ciara with two children, Lacey, 9 and Archie, 9 months. I've played golf on and off for the last 20 years but only started playing regular when I stopped playing football about 6 years ago, and became a member of a club for the first time at Stonebridge around 20 months ago.


How did you find the clothing?

The clothing was a great fit and very comfortable, and wearing the trilby just adds to the drama of the day. 


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I've won many leagues and cups playing local football as part of a team, but this has to be my greatest achievement. The experience was totally different, because it was just down to me, and because my football matches definitely weren't on Sky Sports!

paul mcmillan shaking hands


Describe yourself in a sentence...

I'm a very sarcastic person who loves a game of golf and a few beers. I try not to take myself too seriously but I'm very competitive and hate losing at anything!


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I'll try to do the same things I did this year, play steady, putt well and not lose a ball!! I can't wait to go back to Breadsall Priory, it’s one of the most challenging and picturesque courses I've ever played.

paul mcmillan winning


What's your motto in life?

I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong! 


Who is your golf hero?

I have two, Seve for his shot making skills and his passion, and Miguel Ángel Jiménez for how calm, happy and relaxed he is on a golf course, he wouldn't look out of place at a beach bar!


Any last words for William Hunt?

Many thanks to William and his team for making me and many others feel like a professional golfer for the day. The way the tournament is set up is second to none. You've helped create a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

paul mcmillan shaking hands

paul mcmillan podium

paul mcmillan trophy

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