2015 Champions

shea CHAMP photo

Shea Nugent

"It is a wonderful tournament. Excellent to watch, ever better to play in!" 

Age: 35
Occupation: National Sales Manager for WCCTV
Handicap: 12
Home Club: The Mere
Score: 39       
Golf hero: Seve Ballesteros & Padraig Harrington 


Congratulations on your Regional win Shea!

Thanks, It’s a wonderful tournament!


What made you choose your venue? 

This was my first Trilby tour event and it’s the nearest Regional Championship to where I live, only 20 miles away. I played there years ago. Then I saw it on the Trilby Tour 2014, it looked like great like a great course to play on. So I thought I’d give it ago.


Tell us about your experience on the day. How did you feel you played?

I had very little expectations! My game was not in good shape going into the tournament. It was a VERY early start. I was probably still half asleep when I got to the 1st tee. I soon woke up with the buzz around the tee box.

The day went really well. I didn't put any pressure on myself and kept the ball between the trees off the tee. I consciously avoided the leader-board updates that were scattered around the course which helped me focus on my own scoring. 39 points +6 over, off the back tees, it was a good day on the course. I decided against using a friend to caddy instead using a member from Worsely Park to help, this helped me focus on the golf and he helped me with the lay of the land and the greens.

Shea nugent 1


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

I tried to ignore them.  I didn't want any unnecessary pressure. Surprisingly, I think I birdied both holes that the cameras were on.

shea nugent 3


Where is your trophy now?

It travels between the living room and my office. My wife keeps banishing it from the living room and I keep putting it back. 


Did you ever think you would get this far?

Never in a month of Sundays! it was a total surprise as my game was really bad going into the tournament. 


Tell us about your background?

I came over to England in '99' to go to University. My parents thought it was for educational reasons, I knew it would be 4 years of 'social education'. I have worked for the same company for 13 years, living between London and Manchester, but have always preferred the North.

Golf is a huge part of my life, many a Saturday has been wasted trying to get that white ball into the correct hole. Some days have been better than others but as a 12 handicapper, most days are not good days.


How did you find the clothing?

Excellent, the quality of the gear was really good. I never play with a hat, but the Trilby was very comfortable.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Winning the Lancashire Regional final!

shea nugent 5


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Likeable, noisy Irish man!


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I'll be out last if the format stays the same. So, I'll have a relaxing morning, look forward to the day and most of all enjoy myself!

shea nugent 6


What's your motto in life?

Content with what I have, but always strive for more.


Who is your golf hero?

It has to be Seve, he was a genius on the course and a humble man off the course. Also, Padraig Harrington for putting Ireland back on the golfing map!


Any last words for William Hunt?

Fantastic work, keep it going! It is a wonderful tournament. Excellent to watch, ever better to play in!

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shea nugent 9

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