2015 Champions



"If you try you might - if you don't you won't"

Age: 55
Occupation: Shift Supervisor
Handicap: 11
Home Club: : Hollins Hall 
Score: 36       
Golf hero: Jerry Sutton


Congratulations on your Regional win Peter!

Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed it, great experience!


What made you choose your venue? 

I'm a member at Hollins Hall. I won one of the pre championship qualifiers.


Tell us about your experience on the day. How did you feel you played?

On the day I felt quite relaxed. I had one of the later tee times so I didn't have any rushing around in the morning. I was just determined to enjoy the day and try not to have too bad a round. I ended up playing one of my best rounds in a long time!

Peter Hall 1


Have you played in many other Trilby Championships?

I had played in the Trilby Tour just the once before in 2013 but I allowed it to totally engulf me and played terrible.


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

The first tee was the worst! Fortunately I put one down the middle. After that I just forgot they were there and enjoyed the day.

Peter Hall 3


Where is your trophy now?

It's still where I put it when I got home with it in the early hours of the next day! On a sideboard, with the ball still in it that I used for 21 holes!


Did you ever think you would get this far?

No! My aim was to not disgrace myself and maybe get in the top 10.


Tell us about your background?

I'm married to my lovely wife Carol who fortunately doesn't mind me playing golf as much as I do (she says it gets me out from under her feet). We have 4 kids between us.

I've always played sport, initially football, briefly cricket. I've flirted with golf over the years but only started playing seriously when I joined Hollins Hall about 4 years ago.


How did you find the clothing?

I loved the clothing! There's defiantly something special about seeing a bunch of golfers playing in Trilby's!


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I have had some great times playing team sports and some fantastic memories. I'm also very proud of my family and of what they have achieved. But as an individual achievement…! Becoming the Trilby Tour Champion of Yorkshire is the best!

peter hall 4


Describe yourself in a sentence...

It's fair to say I'm quite laid back. I love having a laugh and a good time with family and friends.


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

I'll be out last if the format stays the same. So, I'll have a relaxing morning, look forward to the day and most of all enjoy myself!

Peter Hall 7


What's your motto in life?

If you try you might - if you don't you won't'


Who is your golf hero?

Jerry Sutton


Any last words for William Hunt?

Great tournament! Thanks for a great suit!

Peter Hall 8

Peter Hall 10

Peter Hall 9

peter hall 11

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