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Didn't manage to purchase a place in the 2015 Trilby Tour? Why not join the waiting list.  

The 2014 Waiting List is Open

Above: Martyn Scarlett, 2014 Champion of Norfolk, who successfully entered through the Waiting List.

What is the Waiting List?

The waiting list is a first-come first-served queue to play in the 2015 Trilby Tour competition. It means you will receive priority notification if a space to play in one of the 2015 Trilby Tour Regional Championships becomes available.

Does Entering the Waiting List Work?

In short, yes. Players drop out of the Trilby Tour for a variety of reasons. Some of the things we have heard over the years include – moving house, going on holiday, getting married (who would choose a wedding over the Trilby Tour?!), busy at work, feeling a bit poorly, given up playing golf. The list goes on!

Really, so I will get to play?

The waiting list does not guarantee you entry. However, during the 2014 Trilby Tour season we found spaces for waiting list entrants at all nine of our Regional Championships. Successful Trilby Tourians who have made it through from the waiting list include

- Ged Doherty, 2014 Trilby Tour Grand Champion
- Steve Shepherd, 2014 Regional Champion of Derbyshire
- Martyn Scarlett, 2014 Regional Champion of Norfolk

2014 Champion of Derbyshire Steve Shepherd

Above: Steve Shepherd, 2014 Champion of Derbyshire, who successfully entered through the Waiting List.

How does the waiting list work?

Entry to the Trilby Tour is £275. To enter the waiting list you pay £50 of that £275 up front as a deposit. If a space then becomes available you will be notified and can then pay the remaining £225 balance to complete your entry to the 2015 Trilby Tour.

What happens to my £50 if I don’t get a chance to play?

If nobody drops out of any of our Regional Championships and you are not offered a space to play then your £50 deposit will be automatically rolled over to guarantee you entry to the 2016 Trilby Tour. Before anyone else!

Why is there a waiting List?

There is always more demand for places than the Trilby Tour can supply. The waiting list gives everyone that missed out on purchasing a place originally a fair chance of getting a chance to play.

If I get through the waiting list, What do I get for my entry?

If you get the chance to play in the Trilby Tour not only will you be playing in front of the sky sports cameras - you'll also be doing it in style. All players receive a full William Hunt Savile Row outfit, golf bag and caddy outfit as part of their entry. You will also get to play on a championship-level Golf course, and you will receive breakfast and lunch on the day.

Ged Doherty, 2014 Trilby Tour Grand Champion

Above: Ged Doherty, 2014 Trilby Tour Grand Champion, who successfully entered through the Waiting List. 

How to enter the waiting list

1. Click here to sign up to the site if you are not yet a member.
2. If you are already a member then log in with your user name and password by clicking here
3. Make sure you have read all the information above.
4. Click here and select the '2015 - Waiting List Deposit' option.

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