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Nick Baxter & Sheldon Wagstaffe

"Standing on the first tee with the cameras, the crowd and William Hunt was really nerve wracking!"

Ages: 33/44
Occupations: Scientist/Self-Employed Joiner
Handicaps: 10/16
Home Clubs: Tankersley GC / Tinsley Park GC   
Golf heroes: Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy


Nick and Sheldon, Congratulations on your win, how does it feel to be the Trilby Tour Matchplay Pairs Champions for 2015?

Both: Unbelievable, we still cannot believe that we actually won. We are so proud of what we achieved and tell everyone that we meet. We are really looking forward to watching it on TV. We have been watching all the other episodes and it will be really strange to watch ourselves on television.


Tell us about your experience on the day. How did you feel you played?

Nick: I played so well on the day; I’d say it is probably the best golf I have played. The whole experience was so good, right from the practice round, the hotel, the meal in the evening and the golf on the day. It was such a good experience from start to finish.

Sheldon: The day itself was fantastic, the weather was at its best and the venue was simply outstanding. The staff members made you feel welcome and fellow golfers were very friendly indeed.

I didn't play the best golf as I felt very nervous but Nick played excellent and pulled us through each stage. Thanks Nick!


Have you played in many other Amateur Golf Championships?

Nick: No, this was the first one I have played in.

Sheldon: I have never played in a competition like this before so this will be an experience I will never forget.

matchplay pairs tt15 tee a


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

Nick: I was really nervous playing on the day, especially on the first tee. Stood on the first tee with the cameras, the crowd and William Hunt was really nerve wracking, all I wanted to do was hit the ball onto the fairway, and I was not bothered about how far it went! I just tried to take one shot at a time and concentrate on making a good swing. This worked as I did not notice the cameras after the first tee until we played in the final. In the final, having the camera follow you up the fairway and over every shot really made you feel nervous but excited at the same time.


Where is your trophy now?

Nick: It has pride of place next to the fir eplace in my living room, I tell everyone about it that comes into our house!

Sheldon: Nick has the trophy... for now!


matchplay pairs tt15 tee b


Tell us about your background?

Nick: I am 33 years old from Sheffield. This is only my third season playing golf and I cannot get enough of it. I stopped playing football and needed something to occupy my time so my wife and I started to play. Since then we have not looked back, both throwing ourselves into practising and playing in club competitions. My wife caddied for me in the final and said she felt sick every time I took a shot.

How did you find the clothing?

Nick: The clothing we received was brilliant. To get all that for free, we felt like winners before we even teed off in the final.

Sheldon: The clothing supplied was fantastic, fashion designed and very comfortable to wear. Love it!

matchplay pairs tt15 chip a


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Nick: I am a dedicated man who regards family as number one.

Sheldon: I am outgoing, adventurous and aim high to meet necessary goals. Easy going and very friendly.


What's your motto in life?

Nick: Never give up.

Sheldon: Aim high, there's no good being second best.

matchplay pairs tt15 chip b

Any last words for William Hunt?

Nick: Yeah, see you in the singles next year! 

Sheldon: Thanks for this amazing couple of days in my life that will remain with me and my family forever.


matchplay pairs tt15 trophy


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