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Malcolm Brown & Nigel Roberts

"The key to our success was we dove tailed well, if one was out of position the other came in on the hole"

Ages: 40/52
Occupations: Bricklayer/Finance Director
Handicaps: 1/6
Home Clubs: Coxmoor Golf Club (Both)
Score: 39 (Best Ball)       
Golf heroes: Lee Westwood, Seve Ballesteros, Ian Poulter
History: 1st Trilby Tour Event


Malcolm and Nigel, Congratulations on the big win and becoming the Trilby Two's Champions for 2015!

An incredible performance from Malcolm Brown and Nigel Roberts saw the duo win the 2015 Trilby Two's Championship title finishing on 39 points. The pair, from Kirkby In Ashfield, managed to fight off their rivals to make it to the playoffs and become victors to take the trophy home at the Trilby Two's event at Hull Golf Club.


How does it feel to have played Golf on Sky Sports and becoming the star of your own TV show?

Nigel: We are both excited and a little nervous as the day was so hectic towards the end that some of it is a bit of a blur. Hopefully the screening will bring back some great memories of the day, our caddies are hoping they get some air time as well.  I am sure we will get some ribbing from the members up at the club who are keen to watch the competition.


What first made you enter the Trilby Tour?

Malcolm: Seeing the Trilby Tour on Sky prompted me to enter Nigel and I.

Nigel: It was a Christmas gift from Malcolm, and a complete surprise, one I shall never forget.

trilby twos split tee


Tell us about the day of the final. How did you feel you played?

Malcolm: I, myself, played solid all day making 4 birdies, 2 on the par 3s. Nigel played nicely as well but the key to our success was we dove tailed well if one was out of position the other came in on the hole. The 18th caught us both out in general play and most embarrassingly in the play-off final. We didn't score any points in general play and we both doubled bogeyed it in the play-off final to win!!

Nigel: We decided to travel up the day before and had a practice round with our caddies Dave (my brother) and our friend Tim. This gave us a chance to have a good look at the course because none of us had played there before.

During our practice round and on the actual day we both played solid golf scoring well as a team. The on course leader boards allowed us to track where we were in the field and added that extra motivation to try over the next 3 holes to see if we could maintain or improve our position. For some reason we did not play the 18th well, either in normal play or the play offs. Having the crowds and Sky TV cameras following you the second time down the 18th adds a level of pressure most amateur golfers will not understand or experience.


Have you played in many other Amateur Championships?

Malcolm: I have participated in a few over the last 2 years.

Nigel: Nothing that compares to the Trilby Twos, we have entered the Nikegolf Matchplay Championship a number of times and managed to get to the Regional finals a couple of years ago but that was completely different.

trilby twos nigel bunker chip


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

Malcolm: The cameras were a great experience and they give you an insight on how they can crank up the pressure. When you know they are solely on you, there is absolutely no hiding place!!

Nigel: The cameras didn’t bother me too much during normal play because there were lots of golfers out on the course. During the playoffs, however, when the cameras followed us individually, and in close proximity, I could feel the tension in my muscles. Down the last 2 holes it felt like an endurance test with nowhere to hide. Having experienced the cameras and the event now I am sure next time it won’t feel as intense.


Where is your trophy now?

Nigel: Initially we took the trophy to the club where it was kept at the back of the bar as we didn’t have any trophy cabinets big enough for the trophy, it is huge!!  It spent a little time in the Club Secretary’s office and now it is in my office at home where I can see it every day.


Did you ever think you would get this far?

Malcolm: Like most people we turned up just hoping we played well and that we didn't embarrass ourselves. With such a big field of competition you never think it’s going to be you to come out as winners.

Nigel: We had decided to simply go to  the event and enjoy the experience. With our handicaps we knew we always had a chance of putting a good score together but we never considered winning at our first event. 

trilby twos chip crowd b


Tell us about your background?

Malcolm: I myself have only been playing golf for 6 years, my first handicap was 8 and I have built on that ever since. I have always played football and cricket at a very high standard so golf has come a lot more easily to me, much to the frustration of my mates!

Nigel: I have always lived in the Nottinghamshire area; I am married to Tracy and have 2 sons Christopher and Daniel. For the past 12 years I have run a business with four other Directors. I have always played and enjoyed sport but didn’t take up golf until I was in my twenties. My father-in-law introduced me to the game, something which my wife has never let him forget. I live just over the road from Coxmoor Golf club and have enjoyed 18 years of great golf and social events there.


How did you find the clothing?

Malcolm: The wide range selection was great and I loved how the clothing looked.

Nigel: What a wide range to choose from and something to suit all tastes, I didn’t spot anyone on the day that was wearing the same outfits as any other team, even the caddies looked good.


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Malcolm: I have achieved a lot in sport but to win the Trilby Tour Two's and be on sky sports has to be the highlight.

Nigel: It’s got to be the Trilby Two’s although it wasn’t my very best golf it was good enough to get us over the line. 

trilby twos chip


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Malcolm: childish, funny, easy going but competitive.

Nigel: Enjoy a laugh, friendly, dedicated and determined.


What's your motto in life?

Malcolm: One which has nothing to do with sport; look after your tools and your tools will look after you.

Nigel: Enjoy the Journey.

trilby twos putt lineup

Any last words for William Hunt?

Malcolm: He’s a really nice guy, his enthusiasm for the Trilby Tour is amazing and it brings the tour to life. His commentary throughout the day is funny which gives you an insight to the man. 

Nigel: I could not imagine anyone else running this event like you, larger than life character with a razor sharp wit. See you next year!

trilby twos putt crowd

trilby twos trophy


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