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Scott Woolford

"The experience is like no other and I'd say it's the closest club amateurs get to feeling like a pro for a day!"

Age: 42
Occupation: Business Development Manager
Handicap: 12
Home Club: Marriott Tudor Park
Score: 39       
Golf hero: Sergio Garcia, Max Goode (my caddy) 


Congratulations on your Regional win Scott!

Thank you so much! It was a fantastic day out!


What made you choose your venue? 

I am a member at Tudor Park, so the venue was a logical choice; I won one of the pre-qualifying events to make the Championship of Kent. 


Tell us about your experience on the day. How did you feel you played?

Having played in the 2014 Trilby Tour at Tudor Park, I felt I could handle the pressure a lot better this time around. The first tee shot is the most nervous you ever feel!! The experience is like no other and I’d say it’s the closest club amateurs get to feeling like a pro for a day!

I hit a good shot down the first and from then on I just played very steady, kept the ball straight, and thanks to my caddy, Max Goode, who lined up my putts, they all managed to drop or be stone dead!

I was in a very good 3 ball, and all of us were playing well and pushing each other so that helped keep focus. 

scott woolford tee


Have you played in many other regional Trilby Championships?

I played in the 2014 Trilby Tour at Tudor Park. 


How did you cope with the cameras on the day?

This year I was fine. To be honest, that's what distracted me last year. This time around I hardly noticed them and just focused on the shots ahead. 

scott woolford chip camera


Where is your trophy now?

It’s in a cabinet with the Trilby Hat, the ball I used all day and a copy of the days scorecard!


Did you ever think you would get this far?

No, our aim was for a top 10 finish and to try to make the Grand Final. To win the day and the subsequent play off and then sudden death still feels very surreal! I will believe it when I see it on Sky Sports!


Tell us about your background?

I am a Business Development Manager for a large Fresh Produce Organisation.  We specialise in English berries, strawberries, raspberries etc. I have worked in Fresh Produce all my life.

I have recently got married so I am guessing that's 2 big achievements this year now!

I started playing golf about 10 years ago just with friends , then joined Tudor Park nearly 5 years ago off 18. I worked hard at my game to reduce my handicap to what it is now. The coaching I have received this year from Lloyd Walton at Tudor Park has really improved my game and confidence; I feel it has truly shown in the results. 


How did you find the clothing?

Clothing was first class, very comfortable and good colour scheme as Navy is slimming!

The William Hunt Suit from Savile Row is amazing!


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Marrying Sally earlier this year!  And getting away with playing golf every weekend!

scott woolford crowd


Describe yourself in a sentence...

Easy going, doesn't take life too seriously and living the dream! 


How will you go about defending your Trilby Tour Championship title next year?

Firstly, try and secure my caddy again for the event!! Secondly, I will just go out and enjoy it, I know what the pressure is and I know what it’s like to win it once. But let’s try and make history and successfully defend the Kent Title!

scott woolford putt


What's your motto in life?

Live for the moment - Life is not a dress rehearsal.


Who is your golf hero?

Sergio Garcia and Max Goode (my caddy)


Any last words for William Hunt?

Thanks for all your team’s hard work this year at Tudor Park and I look forward to seeing you again at Tudor Park in 2016 and trying to defend my title!

scott woolford fist pump

scott woolford handshake

scott woolford trophy

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