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  • Graeme Burgess uploaded a new avatar.
  • Darrin George Dobson
    1 hour 53 minutes ago

    played kirbymoorside today 2nd time much improved from the first. course looking really good.
    white tee barriers were just going up.
    felt the nerves a bit on the first but managed a par.

  • Michael Anderton Championship of Leicestershire
    5 hours 12 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what sort of condition the course is in?

    Eric pritchard I'm there on Friday
    27 minutes ago
  • Jason Lamb is friends with Kevin Phillips
  • Phil Lowndes
    8 hours 55 minutes ago

    Trilby tour admin. Placed clothing order on 5th june and I still not received them yet. Sent email to triby info and again still not heard from you. Just getting concerned as I'm playing forest hill on 13th and i know I need to get the trousers adjusted. Just don't want to turn up on the day and end up getting something else that I didn't order. Ne1 else in the same boat.

  • Ash shared a photo.
    23 hours 7 minutes ago

    Struggling with handicap certificate that I been sent , does anyone know if this is ok to use?

    Ash Thank you gents I'll do that.
    21 hours 22 minutes ago
  • jamie Ridley
    23 hours 34 minutes ago

    Gary s and myself have got a round booked for 13.40 this Sunday at the Oxfordshire if anyone is interested in joining us?

  • Eric pritchard

    Anyone playing at Forest Hill on Friday ?

  • Matthew sweeney

    Is their anywhere I can see the results of the matches so far.

    Matt Wilkes Matt
    only when the programmes are aired later in the year
    22 hours 10 minutes ago
  • Stephen Bennoson

    Any idea when the tee times are coming out for Leicestershire

  • Chris jolliffe

    Has anyone else had a problem with the zips on the bag mine just came apart looking to see if i can send it back to be fixed,as would like to use it again

    Graeme Burgess My zips are holding up but I know a few guys on here have been saying the same. Hope you're well Chris really enjoyed our round at Carus Green
    1 hour 5 minutes ago
  • Mark Andrew Park uploaded a new avatar.
  • Barry Keane
    2 days ago

    Made it back home to Ireland after playing at Carus Green. It was truly a fantastic event. HUGE thanks to everybody I met especially Graham, Margaret and Tyson of CG, Trav my excellent caddy and all the members and TT staff who made me so welcome. Brendan and Cookie, my playing partners - what a day! Advice for other 1st timers - get there early as possible before tee off to get all stuff done!

    Tristan Spillane You forgot to thank your Chauffeur!!!
    2 days ago
  • Mark Whalley shared 2 photos in the Mark Whalley's Photos album
    2 days ago

    Anyone worried about not receiving clothing don't worry! There is a rack full of clothes on the day! My caddy had to take my trousers up 6 inch due to my short Arse legs!! Fantastic day! Well done TT

  • Trevor Allan Taylor kirby moorside TT
    2 days ago

    well had my trousers let out and taken up so i dont look like coco the clown the diet regime hasnt gone as planned and its gonna look like im in shrink wrapped lycra size large my arse maybe from a 5 ft 5 9 stones perspective - feeling excited

    Darrin George Dobson im only 5ft 5. made a pair of shorts out of what i had cut off the bottoms.
    1 hour 51 minutes ago
  • Ash
    2 days ago

    Do we get our hats on the day??

    Barry Keane Yes. big selection
    2 days ago 1
  • mark harbord
    2 days ago

    Just a quick question as I'm a first timer playing at Forrest hills 13th July,when or how do we find out the tee times for the day?

    Matthew sweeney I went and had a look at the course last week looks good. A bit tight in places.
  • Eric pritchard is friends with Kevin Phillips
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