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  • Patrick timlin
    12 hours 14 minutes ago

    What’s happening with weather minus 5 another weekend no golf - feeling sad

  • bob whiteley

    come on William time to announce the colour of this years bag I recon cream and orange - feeling excited

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  • martin fraser
    4 days ago

    Just booked up for trent lock for 4th trilby tour can,t wait just hoping for better weather this year.I hope the bags are better new zips would do.

    martin fraser Are you playing gaudet luce again it was full by the time i booked best of luck to you.I have had crap weather every time it was tough the two years at Meon valley.
  • graham hall
    4 days ago

    All paid up and looking forward to my first trilby, practice rounds booked at Gaudet Luce, can’t wait now.

    Nick Withnall Thanks I'll book now
    3 days ago
  • Shridhar Kumar
    4 days ago

    Hi all - i signed up last week & paid the pending £. havent got any email confirmations etc? Is this the regular process?? thanks

    Trilby Tour Admin Hey Shridhar, please contact [email protected] with your query. Kind Regards
    4 days ago
  • Paul Fawcett
    4 days ago

    Hi all, Finally plucked up the courage to enter TT 2018. Playing at Gaudet Luce, let’s hope the weather is kind for us all. When do we have to pick clothing and when are tee times announced ? Cheers all and best of luck this year !

    Paul Fawcett Cheers Matt !
    4 days ago
  • Andrew Field
    4 days ago

    Looking forward to TT No2, had a great time at Isle of Purbeck last year ( despite the slight winds ). Playing at The Springs this year . Hotel and practice round booked. Like a lot of you other golfers, don't really mind what colour the bag is, just hope it lasts more than 2 rounds !

  • David 'Bigdog' Hughes BIGDOG BLOG!
    4 days ago

    So what’s the colour for 2018 lads? Here’s hoping it’s not a pastel colour - something strong and to be honest be good to have a bag that has a longer shelf life? It’s been suggested that a more user friendly quality bag would be used throughout the year by Tourians which would promote the TT being seen on courses throughout the country?
    Any thoughts???

    Alan Megson I'm with you BIgdog - I would use the TT bag throughout the year if the quality was good but it would need to be a standbag.
    A nice red and black bag would go down nicely..............
    7 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Roy Fellows
    4 days ago

    Hi all
    Got Trent Lock, Hotel Booked. just waiting for practice round , probably get that the day before. 2nd year on Trilby, looking forward to it.

  • mark heaton
    5 days ago

    Can’t wait to play my first trilby tour at KP Yorkshire.
    Watch it on television and had to give it a go as looks amazing experience.
    Never played KP either so hope that’s a great course to

  • mark heaton uploaded a new avatar.
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  • Ian Page is friends with mark harbord
  • Daryl kilner
    5 days ago

    Golf bag has to be red unless they bring back the pink one lol

    Jeffrey Harvey How about Gary player black
    5 days ago
  • peter john sudell
    6 days ago

    Hi Guys . Are we taking bets on this years bag colour ? I'll go for RED

    bob whiteley already had a red one
  • Ian Page is friends with Ian marchant
  • Raphael Richards
    7 days ago

    Cheers lads, was considering using it for practice. So will just book and play in my own time.

  • Raphael Richards
    7 days ago

    What happens if a member who already has a place at Trent Lock then play in one of their qualifying competition and win?

    Garry hall Nothing you don't get your money back
    7 days ago
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