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  • Alan Megson

    Hi TT

    Range finders, GPS measuring devices and other electronic aids are not to be used at any time during Trilby Tour events - are course guides (usually available in the pro shop) allowed ?


    Alan Megson Thanks for confirming Gary
    21 hours 48 minutes ago
  • Alan Megson

    Hi TT

    Ordered clothes for Trilby Two's on the 30th July - the order has not been fulfilled yet and the Two's are just over a week away - what should I do ?


    Gary S Indeed they will.
    21 hours 39 minutes ago
  • Malcolm Guthrie

    Anyone know when the TT final tee times go up?

    Lee Williams Tee times for the final are released 10-14 days before the event. Here's hoping that means this Friday... Bring it on!
    9 hours 22 minutes ago
  • Jeffrey Harvey
    2 days ago

    Hi TT
    Just to say it great day as always at the Oxfordshire golf course . Boy did that wind blow hard not me this time . Great to see William just a shame I can't play when it's windy. My scores 3rd time on trilby are going the wrong way . Damm golf will sort it for next year as I just love the format the TT have come with . Winter programme already thinking ready for next year. G/L all in final

  • mark Brown
    2 days ago

    I've just missed a call from Toby at TT admin. I called back straight away. Undertandly Toby was busy on. Acall. Can TT admin confirm what the call was regarding? Mark

    mark Brown Hi William, what are the TT admin hours to contact them by phone?
    2 days ago
  • Mark Turner uploaded a new avatar.
    Mark Turner OK thanks Mike.
    9 hours 38 minutes ago
  • Mark Turner
    3 days ago

    Hi All,Does anyone know when the tee times are published for the final in Hull.
    Loozing forward to playing in my first TT final.

  • Hedley Roberts
    3 days ago

    Hi Trilby team
    Just received clothes for Trilby two's and the skinny chinos don't suite us big guys in our 60s any chance we can exchange for something more suitable at the venue. Cheers

    Gary S They'll be plenty of 'spares' available at the venue, especially the pink floral big boy versions. Enjoy the event.
    3 days ago
  • Gary S
    4 days ago

    Oxford pics are up.
    Surprised that WH didn't photobomb more of them...

    William Hunt my god . . can you imagine the price those pics would be changing hands for if i did . . . priceless !!!
    4 days ago 1
  • Richard Bennett uploaded a new avatar.
  • Richard Bennett uploaded a new avatar.
  • Kevin Pratt
    5 days ago

    Received clothes yesterday, thanks TT. Bring it on.

  • Gary S
    6 days ago

    Wow, what great coverage the BBC is giving us of the PGA, no High Def, no recording, live pause capability, just awesome! At least we've got TT on Sky in HD to look forward to.

    Matt Wilkes rumour has it that the commentary was made while in a studio in the UK just reviewing the broadcast from US TV ! hence no Ken Brown on the course etc etc
  • Simon Lewis
    6 days ago

    Just received TT2s clothes. "All the gear but no idea". Quality clobber WH - feeling excited

  • Richard Bennett
    7 days ago

    I had the most fantastic day and experience at The Oxfordshire last Thursday, despite a rubbish tee shot on the 1st!!! Wish I had entered before and will be entering again for 2018 just to repeat the experience. Hopefully if I am lucky enough I might qualify for the final next time. Company was excellent and surprised that a few of my best shots were in front of cameras. Roll on 2018 - feeling excited

    Richard Bennett William Hunt, as promised I will see you on the 1st at Magnolia Park hope you can make it!!! all paid and ready to go again on the Trilby
    2 days ago
  • Nik Hersey-Walker has changed their profile cover.

    1 week ago

  • Nik Hersey-Walker uploaded a new avatar.
  • mark Brown is friends with Phil Steel
  • martin eaton shared 2 photos in the martin eaton's Photos album
    1 week ago

    Another great day at the Oxfordshire with the Trilby Tour. Shame the wind blew so hard but still some good scores from the low handicap players. Never thought I'd be so nervous on the first as i was and hope I was not the only one to duff the tee shot! Just in case, please be kind to me Mac!!
    Great course and well organised again William & Team, roll on next year.

    Richard Bennett Strange for the 1st time at the event and not being very nervous and still duffed my tee shot, only good thing was that it was straight Ha Ha. I was more nervous trying to hit my 3rd onto the green and missed that too!! I saw many well struck tee shots that went right and into trouble. May be entering the twos this year just waiting on an answer from a mate.
    7 days ago
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