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  • Andre Bothma
    12 hours 1 minute ago

    Massive thank you to Gaudet Luce for the great and friendly service. Terry and Colin thank you for putting up with me today hope you got into the final Terry. Had a wet morning but had fun.

  • Chris Hodges
    21 hours 29 minutes ago

    Hi iv'e Still not Received my tee time at the oxfordshire on the 3rd Aug? I have Emailed TT but no responce?
    Does anyone know if the times have been released yet? Cheers Chris

    Peter Ashurst I'd much rather have prior to turning up, but I'll wait to see when the team are hoping to send them out. Thanks for your replies.
    17 hours 50 minutes ago 1
  • michael thayne

    'to be or not to be, that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings & arrows of outrageous misfortune or to give the TT a chance, 7 days & counting to the isle of misadventure!

    michael thayne Start engraving that trophy with my name!
    7 hours 53 minutes ago
  • Gary sharp

    Still not heard anything regarding clothing can someone let me know when I can order it

    William Hunt Il answer this again. If you chose your clobber in the official window with e,one else then you've either had your clobber or it's lost (or signed for by some one that's not you as in many cases ! ). So pick up your stuf at the event. If you didn't order in the official window and you were in then ,we'll you should have ordered when asked. So pick up your gear at the event If you are a later entry i.e. Took a late place etc then be patient. The worst that will happen you can choose from a ton of stuff at the venue. That's it. Please as Gary writes. If any one else asks this question read previous posts. We cannot keep TT staff at the warehouse to cope with TTians who order the outfits outside the window of glamorous opportunity ! Play well gentlemen. Your rep rides upon it. Or play bad. And build a rep that you prob didn't want ? William
  • Nigel Abbott

    Hi fellow hackers
    Practise at gaudet luce today, we have one spot open if anyone wants to join @ 2.15pm
    Hey Mr Hunt fancy a game

    Stewart Fleming I'm following you straight after, playing with my caddie. Have a great one
  • David Bettridge

    With nerves setting in I'm not sure white trousers were the best best idea.

  • Scott Moore
    2 days ago

    My handicap certificate has been filled in by my club and has been stamped with a club stamp. However it is not on club headed paper. Am I right in saying that this will be acceptable?

    Scott Moore Thanks Gary. Appreciated
    2 days ago
  • Lance Hawthorne
    2 days ago

    My club pro has signed my handicap certificate is this ok?

    Gary S You're good, but best to be safe.
    2 days ago
  • Graham Flockett
    2 days ago

    Thanks to the total TT team, club, playing partners Tim and Guy and my mate Hughesie for a great day at Forest Hills last Thursday. Fantastic atmosphere all day long, course played great - an excellent day all round. Pleased I was part of day - congratulations to all involved.

    William Hunt ahh . .just remembered . . your pal/caddy was into classic cars . . please send me his no at info @ if you get a min ?? . . ta . . willaim
    2 days ago 1
  • Alex Stocker
    2 days ago

    Hmmm. I'm playing Gaudet Luce on Thursday and have just got my handicap certificate completed by my club. It's on headed paper but they not have a club stamp - will this be an issue?!

    Alex Stocker Splendid - thanks Denis!
    2 days ago
  • Patrick timlin
    3 days ago

    Wow just received email for grand final!this is where the real practice starts good luck to everyone who still has to play hope to see you at hull - feeling excited

  • Chris Boon
    3 days ago

    Is it possible to have a copy of the Officia Handicap form in Word so it can be filled in and used by club secretary and then saved as PDF ? Also want to remove the text saying print in headed paper etc ?

    Chris Boon Sounds a good plan, as after club champs this weekend I need every shot and will be using the full allowance !
    3 days ago
  • Simon
    3 days ago

    Can anyone help. I am playing GdL on Thursday. Do my strokes received get calculated from my "playing handicap" or my "exact handicap"? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Gary S For sure re-do it, either up or down. Good luck.
    3 days ago
  • Jason Poxon
    3 days ago

    can anybody help, I am playing at the Oxfordshire on the 3rd August, but I haven't received any information R.E, tee time, how to order clothes, what time it starts etc... any information or a contact number would be great. cheers

    Gary S Tee times will be emailed out and available on here under the Rules & Format section about a week or so in advance of the event. Clothes orders were available ages ago, you would/should have received an email code as to how to order. Given the lateness in the process assume that you will get your clothes on the day. TT phone number is 0208 1720045. The Ox event is still 2 weeks away and they have two other events between now and then so expect them to be busy.
    3 days ago
  • John M Dewberry
    3 days ago

    Anyone seen the tee off times for Isle of Purbeck next Thursday??

    Mike Linehan They are now up in the News serction
    3 days ago
  • Paul isherwood
    4 days ago

    Anyone played magnolia park yet for the trilby twos

    Ash I'm in the qualifier and can't find my tee time !!!
    2 days ago
    4 days ago

    Anyone else not got their clothing yet for Thursday??
    Order has been placed but sent emails/twitter etc and still no response!

    Anyone have any ideas what to do?

    KEVIN GIDDINS Thanks for the replies
    3 days ago
  • Nigel Abbott Russell evershed
    5 days ago

    Shed are you sure 38 trousers will be big enough

    michael simpson thanks shed I will remember you drummed it into all day Saturday but I still won just hope I can play as good as Saturday play sunday not so good Nigels playing well so as long as we keep thinking what we are doing we have a good chance cheers Shed. mike
    2 days ago
  • Nigel Abbott
    5 days ago

    Hi all,
    Guadet Luce here we come, practise booked for Wednesday 2pm ish, think we have one spot if anyone wants to join, smile for the camara and have some fun - feeling excited

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