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The prestigious amateur golf pairs tournament, now heading into it's 6th year, is a once a year event where top players from across the nation pair up and battle it out in a better ball pairs format until we are left with our Trilby Twos Championship Winners. 

The Trilby Twos is broadcast on Sky Sports as part of the Trilby Tour series. With annual viewership figures of over 3.5 million in 2016 the Trilby Tour is officially the largest Amateur golf television series in the UK and Europe.

The appeal of the tournament lies in its unusual competitive format, with the top 4 pairs after 18 holes playing in a one hole semi final to narrow the field down to the last two pairs. The remaining two pairs have to play two playoff holes to decide who is crowned champion. Golfers have hailed the Trilby Tour as the closest experience to a Professional tournament, playing under the pressures of an international televised event. Die-hard fans return year after year gripped by it's fierce winner takes all competitive format.

Do you fancy your chances?


How to Enter

To enter the Trilby Twos you must hold an account on www.trilbytour.com. Once you have made an account you will receive our newletters which will give you news and updates on everything Trilby Tour. Note: it is essential that you create your account with an email address that you can easily access and you use consistantly.

The tournament is open to any amateur golfer who holds a current handicap issued by a CONGU affiliated golf club. You must hold a handicap of 18 or better and must provide proof (handicap certificate that is no more than 14 days old) of your handicap on the day of your chosen tournament. Players must be over the age of 18 on the day of their chosen tournament.


How much does it cost to enter?

Entry into the 2018 Trilby Twos is £570 per pair. You will be required to purchase a £100 deposit to guarantee your pairs place in the Twos. When the venue is announced early in 2018 you must then pay off the remainder balance of £470 within 14 days to guarantee your entry. Failure to do so may lead to you forfeiting your deposit.

Places for the Trilby Twos are very competitive and will sell out soon after becoming available. If the event is showing as FULL you can still enter via a Waiting List. All deposits, including waiting list, are non-refundable, however if you hold a waiting list deposit and we are unable to offer you a place on this year's twos your deposit will automatically be rolled over to a confirmed deposit for the next year. The waiting list is strictly run on a first come first serve basis.


What does the entry fee cover?

To make sure you look you best as your efforts are captured on the big screen we will kit you and your partner out in the finest of the William Hunt Golf Range. This includes;


Entry for 1 pair into the Trilby Twos Championship

2x William Hunt Golf Top

2x William Hunt Golf Trousers

2x William Hunt Trilby Tour Belt

2x William Hunt Trilby Hat

2x Trilby Tour Golf Bag

2x Trilby Tour Caddy Boiler Suit

2x Trilby Tour Caddy Hat


On the day breakfast will also be provided for both players and caddies.


When are the events held and when are they aired on Sky Sports?

The Trilby Twos is held during the Trilby Tour season anytime from May-August. The Twos is captured by our Sky Sports camera crew and is aired as part of the Trilby Tour Sky Sports series. Typically the Sky Sports series begins late September/early October and will run through to the end of December. A new episode will be shown every Monday night at 7pm and 10pm with further repeats throughout the week. 


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Founder William Hunt says

"The Trilby Tour is about re-defining the game of golf and taking it to new heights. It's about constantly challenging yourself and becoming greater than you ever thought you could be.

People don't think about golf as an extreme sport but that is precisely what the Trilby Tour is – taking the game and pushing it to the limit.

The Trilby Tour is the only event that offers amateur golfers a truly professional experience. There are no half-measures - the pressure is relentless and it's Winner takes all.

In front of the crowds and cameras there is no place to hide. I can guarantee it will be a day to remember for the rest of your life. Each year we raise the bar in the amateur golf game. We strive for excellence.

Though the Trilby Tour has grown bigger and bigger each year the ethos remains the same as the day we started: to redefine the game of golf and push players to the limit."


List of Trilby Twos Championship Winners

· 2017 - Simon Hughes & Simon Lewis
2016 - James Voce & Chris Percy
· 2015 – Malcolm Brown & Nigel Roberts

· 2014 – Geoff Marchant & Richard Wheat

· 2013 – Ricky Sutter & George Crow

· 2012  James Voce & Paul Llewellyn



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